Kep to be Ecotourism Destination

Kep Cambodia crab
Kep Cambodia photo via Unsplash @tobiastu

The gorgeous albeit sleepy seaside town of Kep (known locally as Krong Kaeb) will someday be a major tourist attraction. Fortunately, the recently unveiled master plan calls for eco-tourism. To that end, the area’s archipelago along with Kep Town, Angkol beach and Phnom Vore region will benefit from a total of 251 projects worth of restoration and upgrades.

Other improvements expected include expansion of international sports facilities, construction of a tourist-oriented war museum and facilitating visits to the 13 nearby islands.

If you’ve been to Kep, you know that it’s famous for it’s crabs with Kampot pepper. It’s soft hills remind us of a glamorous past where dignitaries built villas overlooking the sea, making excursions to the Palace Hotel and Casino in Bokor. It has since slowly climbed back into prominence, more recently as an alternative to booming Sihanoukville.

With the new improvements announced, Kep is likely to once again be a popular destination for international visitors – and we love the ecotourism focus.

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