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Ream City Plan Approved

Ream City in Sihanoukville
Ream City in Sihanoukville

Sihanoukville, Cambodia‘s Ream Bay area to be transformed into $16 billion dollar, 834 hectare Ream City and it’s masterplan has been approved by property developer Canopy Sands Development Co Ltd, according to the Post. Fortunately for nature lovers, the proposal prioritizes the integration of the environment and a 6km beachfront.

Mixing tourism with commercial and residential accommodations, Ream City is expected to house 130,000 in a mix of hotels, beachfront homes, marinas, shopping malls and business hubs.

A major key to the future prosperity of Ream City and the Sihanoukville region will be the upgrade of the Sihanoukville International Airport to accommodate larger aircraft that will be needed to ferry passengers in long haul flights.

Finally, the government has invested $300 million in infrastructure projects including 34 roads in Sihanoukville province which according to the Post is scheduled for completion by mid-year.

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