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Phnom Penh Real Estate Strategy – Follow the Schools

Phnom Penh International School
Phnom Penh International School

Despite a real estate slowdown, the city of Phnom Penh is growing and expand rapidly. In fact, it is the second fastest growing metro in SE Asia according to the World Bank and has increased its square area 6 times to 679 square kilometers.

As Phnom Penh real estate investors, there isn’t a shortage of buying opportunities. The criteria that matter most are location, large anchor tenant or future development, low crime and proximity to work and shopping. One factor that isn’t often discussed is proximity to an international school.

An international school attracts all of those key qualities as well as a more affluent population of students, parents, teachers and staff. Phnom Penh is in fact, a great place to take advantage of an international education, ranking the 2nd best value in the region according to the International Schools Database.

Phnom Penh has over 50 international schools with annual tuition ranging from just under $5K to $20K USD. There are international schools from all parts of the world, including Singapore, American, British, Australian and French curriculums. Some of the most well regarded international school in Phnom Penh include Lycée Descartes René Descartes, the International School of Phnom Penh and Northbridge International School Cambodia.

By following these international schools, you will find yourself in prime areas such as BKK, Daun Penh, Tuol Kork and the south of Phnom Penh where the new international airport will be a game changer for that region. The international school’s location will then serve as a center of gravity for students, staff and teachers arriving from abroad. It is this radius that may present the ideal investment opportunity.

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