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Koh Norea, the next Koh Pich

Koh Norea bridge
supplied illustration: 1 of 2 Koh Norea bridges being built

Perhaps the most exciting development in Phnom Penh real estate, Koh Norea, along Phnom Penh’s southeast, is taking shape with $2.5 billion dollars worth of construction and development managed by Oversea Cambodian Investment Corp. Located in the Niroth commune in Chbar Ampov, Koh Norea is set opposite of Diamond Island (known locally as Koh Pich). With not one but two bridges being built, one connecting Koh Pich to Koh Norea and the other, Koh Norea to National Road 1, this satellite city is sure toe attract investors and luxury Phnom Penh real estate clientele.

Koh Norea will feature every imaginable attraction, from shopping, restaurants, hotels, condos, villas to public parks, banks and commercial businesses. Koh Norea will be able to support 10,000 jobs and 50,000 residents once completed, according to OCIC deputy director Touch Samnang.

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