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Koh Norea Bridge to Open

Koh Norea Bridge
Render of Koh Norea Bridge

The long-awaited bridge connecting Koh Pich to the new Koh Norea satellite city is set to soft open in November, giving a boost to Phnom Penh real estate. The $38 million dollar project of the Overseas Cambodian Investment Company (OCIC) began in October of 2020. The 824 meter long, 24.5 meter wide cable bridge is expected to reduce congestion by as much as 40% on National Road 1 in the Chbar Ampov district, in the eastern part of Phnom Penh.

The bridge’s modern take also features two 60 meter high pillars with Khmer carvings and offers travelers 4 main lanes of 3.24 meters width and two motorbike lanes of 1.24 meters width. The bridge should support most boats as it is expected to measure 8 meters high from water to bridge during the rainy season.

The completion of the Koh Pich to Koh Norea Bridge is critical to developing the full potential of Koh Norea, a planned $2.5 billion dollar satellite city on 125 hectares. Developers expect Koh Norea to host at least 50,000 Phnom Penhers and bring thousands of jobs to the area.

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