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Cambodia Named Best Country to Invest

Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Angkor Wat, Cambodia photo via Unsplash

Phnom Penh, Cambodia. According to, Cambodia is a great place to buy property and real estate investors can “claim a a multi-decade history of outperformance in the face of global economic uncertainty.”

The website cited the fact that Cambodia is one of the most welcoming countries for foreign real estate investment. It also cited the overall progress the nation has made transitioning to a modern economy since the 1990s when Cambodia was just beginning to recover from it’s war torn past.

Cambodia is one of the best frontier markets to invest in. It’s also more likely than its peers to make a quick transition into an industrialized economy.


The website suggests that the famous Angkor Wat provides a strong and reliable catalyst for capital in-flows via a very established “tourism trail”. They also cited recent announcements by Ford of a future factory on the outskirts of Phnom Penh as well as the expansion of 7-Eleven into Cambodia with an expected 500 locations by 2025 as evidence of investor confidence in Phnom Penh and Cambodia as a whole.

We couldn’t agree more that Cambodia’s prospects in the long-term are very strong. One more big catalyst that should not be overlooked is foreign capital in-flows via high net worth individuals from China, Singapore, the nouveau rich of a booming Vietnam and others. With competition in the South China Sea heating up between major powers, Cambodia stands to benefit from it’s prime location at the center of the region.

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