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Kep Hotel

Kep, Cambodia (locally referred to as Kep City or Krong Kaeb) is fast becoming a tourist destination once again. With it’s soft hills facing the sea and a thriving seafood market abundantly stocked with crab, Kep is an alternative to busy Sihanoukville for tourists looking for a relaxing beach destination. There are also new plans to develop real estate in line with Kep as an eco-tourism destination, which will certainly add to its appeal to sustainably minded visitors.

Kep is therefore shaping up to be a great upmarket location for boutique hotels, spas and resorts. For those interested in visiting Kep, Cambodia, we recommend the following boutique hotels.

­čĆů Best Boutique Hotel in Kep, Cambodia – Knai Bang Chatt

Top of mind for a boutique hotel in Kep, Cambodia is the Knai Bang Chatt. Knai Bang Chatt roughly translates to “halo around the sun”, such as one sees from a solar eclipse. The Knai Bang Chatt is a beautiful hotel in Kep with a terrific website. The hotel has its international fans, including the Daily Telegraph:

It’s another world through the gates of Knai Bang Chatt. This is understated, not opulent, luxury.

Daily Telegraph

Knai Bang Chatt Hotel

Kep Sailing Club

Kani Bang Chatt has three dining options – the Strand, the Lounge and the most unforgettable, Kep Sailing Club. Set in an old fisherman’s residence along the sea, the Kep Sailing Club bills itself as romantically elegant yet casual and family friendly. Check out this terrific promo video for it.