Phnom Penh Real Estate and Luxury. A dreamy doorway into modern Phnom Penh

Grand Phnom Penh

Grand Phnom Penh residential homes will soon be available for sale, according to an announcement by Leang Henry, President of Chip Mong Land. Grand Phnom Penh International City, as it is formally known, was acquired by Chip Mong in October of 2019 from a join venture between YLP Group Co and Ciputra Group.

According to Leang Henry via the Phnom Penh Post:

“The company intends to transform the Grand Phnom Penh satellite city into a first-tier green town with lively homes, and commercial and shopping centres.” Grand Phnom Penh will be the main attraction in Sen Sok.

“Grand Phnom Penh City will be like a mini city within the capital – a budding oasis in Phnom Penh” he said.

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