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‘White Building’ Gets Int’l Spotlight

White Building film still
Piseth Chhun (left), star of White Building

While the 2021 film “White Building” about the imminent demolition of a dilapidated building and it’s hard scrabbled community in Phnom Penh saw limited success among Cambodians, international audiences have increasingly shown interest in not only the movie but the director, Kavich Neang.

Recently, the South China Morning Post ran an interview with Kavich Neang, who explained why Cambodian audiences did not love the film.

“In Cambodia, people watch movies to escape reality and they say that the movies I make are too realistic”

– Director Kavich Neang

Despite it’s lack of domestic popularity, White Building has garnered rave reviews internationally reflected in its 14 prizes from across Europe, the United States and Asia. Most notably, White Building’s star, Piseth Chhun, took home Best Actor at the famous Venice Film Festival.