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Kampot Hotel

Finding a hotel in Kampot is a bit tricky. Unlike Phnom Penh, luxury hotel options are still very limited. Our choices for an upmarket, boutique hotel in Kampot is still very reasonably priced. No global brands here. Cutting to the chase, here are our top 3 choices.

Best Hotels in Kampot, Cambodia

Best Hotel in Kampot šŸ„‡ (3rd place) Hotel Old Cinema

If you love authenticity and heritage but still require the finer things in life, the Kampot Hotel Old Cinema is for you. Formerly a 1930s theatre that became a cinema in the 50s, it was lovingly restored and reborn in 2019 as a boutique hotel. Just check out what it used to look like in disrepair:

Hotel Old Cinema Kampot

In the Fall of 2019, the Hotel Old Cinema opened its doors to guests for the first time. Previously known as the 7 Makara Cinema and before that as the “Gong”, a Chinese cinema that showcased kung-fu movies. The new owners made every effort to keep evidence of the theater’s heritage, for example, repressing ceramic tiles from originals in Siem Reap. This gorgeous restoration includes a restaurant/bar and a swimming pool.

Hotel Old Cinema Kampot bar